ringbearer: by xaragorn on tumblr (pic#6854448)
frodo baggins,  ringbearer ([personal profile] ringbearer) wrote2013-10-11 10:48 pm

stage 2 ends on twenty fourth

frodo / lego is stage 3 

october 27 for frodo / lego  / october 22 / snow play / bedtime stories with mom and dad / mask event

lego sees: bilbo time / mask event

frodo / sauron (rings, nazgul ) / ( frodo stabbed by nazgul blade) 

monday: momladriel / see elf family / visions : momladriel will see: ring influence/weight/ passing of the elves through frodo's eyes

oct 28 / kili : frodo sees: gold sickness, singing at bilbo's house, barrel riding / kili sees: don't you know your sam, stealing mushrooms

oct 29 / merry: frodo sees: valinor / childhood through cousin's perspective / merry sees: childhood perspective / don't you know your sam / the taming of smeagol

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